Tuna Patties Equals Yummo!

I love Tuna, but I’ve never tried Tuna patties before. I will link the article from all recipes below. I gotta try this, this could be a favorite dish of mine. Happy homemaking homemakers. Link: https://www.allrecipes.com/recipe/230857/easy-tuna-patties/ Photo courtesy of: https://www.simplyrecipes.com/recipes/tuna_patties/ Advertisements

Do Petticoats Make You Look Thinner?

According to a cute blog call XO Jane, “Contrary to my mom’s opinion, a petticoat can bring attention to your waist. Although the skirt creates volume below, by creating different proportions, It emphasizes your waist and disguises your hips.” They do, I have noticed that petticoats do that for my body as well. That is… Continue reading Do Petticoats Make You Look Thinner?

Less Is More when It Comes To Cleaning, Vintage Cleanimg Tip

Maybe we don’t need a million different cleaners in the house. Why not just use a versatile cleaner, according to country living, “You don’t need a million specialty cleaning products in your arsenal. “Borax is a multipurpose cleaner that’s been around forever and is incredibly versatile.” There ya go homemakers, go get some, I will… Continue reading Less Is More when It Comes To Cleaning, Vintage Cleanimg Tip

How 50s Housewives Did More Cleaning

It’s true. We may have modern technology, but newer isn’t always better. According to retro housewife goes green, “We spend 20-32 hours a week on social media, if we cut that in half, we could spend more time cleaning.” That’s true and we would also burn more calories by doing new cleaning. We wouldn’t have… Continue reading How 50s Housewives Did More Cleaning

How to Keep Your Colors From Fading

We have been there, we wash our clothes and we think we are doing the right thing by washing and drying them. However, it seems to fade our colors and that sucks. I still hate it when one of my dress’s color starts to fade. CNET (Yes, that CNET), has a tip on how to… Continue reading How to Keep Your Colors From Fading

Walnut Apple Crisp Super Delish!

I love to find new ways to enjoy apples (my all around favorite food), so I found a recipe from taste of home, so I will put the lino below on how to maoe this aultra yummy treat. From taste of home, ” Ingredients 8 cups sliced peeled tart apples (about 6 medium) 2-1/4 cups… Continue reading Walnut Apple Crisp Super Delish!