Super Mario Odyssey Reviews: It’s Out of This World!

I think we all saw this coming. Just like Trump’s presidency turning into a one man failed circus show, the reviews are pouring in for Mario Odyssey, and the 10’s are coming hot and heavy. Mario Odyssey is easily the biggest game this fall and it will make sure Switchs fly off the shelves and… Continue reading Super Mario Odyssey Reviews: It’s Out of This World!

Playstation 4 Problems

We have heard from countless You Tube channels over the last few years, the problems that Nintendo and Microsoft have faced and how they need to change in order to do better. Well, it worked for Nintendo, but Microsoft is still too early in the process to make a judgement. However, no one talks about… Continue reading Playstation 4 Problems

Game of the Year: Mario or Zelda?

When did we think there would be a year in video games were two of the top five greatest games ever would be released in the same calendar year? Yet, here we are with Mario Odyssey and The Legend of Zelda, Breath of the Wild being released not too far apart from each other. No… Continue reading Game of the Year: Mario or Zelda?

Mario and Rabbids Kingdom Review

When I first heard about this game, I gotta admit; I was worried. I thought (How could Nintendo put Mario with those Rabbids? It will not work)! I said, but then the E3 came and I was blown away (it was played in the top 10 best games of the show. and won awards like… Continue reading Mario and Rabbids Kingdom Review

Top 10 Video Game Developers

We know there are lots of good developers in the video game industry, but who are the 10 best? Let’s answer that question why don’t we? Here is the criteria, critical response, reputation, more than one game, quality, (sales do not matter when it comes to the best) and consistency. 10: Platinum, oh these guys… Continue reading Top 10 Video Game Developers