Trans Acceptance

Yeah, it is happening a lot now. As time goes by more and more people are accepting trans people. What is the cause of this? I personally think it is how open we are in society now, trans people are coming out a lot more now. Pew Research on LGBT coming out stats. Including trans people. This… Continue reading Trans Acceptance

Philosophy Time: Critical Thinking is Dead

I did not use to be a critical thinker. Over the last few years, I have started to become one with the help of my college courses. But, when you go to political debate groups or talk to people in person. You quickly realize just how many people do not use it. If you show… Continue reading Philosophy Time: Critical Thinking is Dead

Milo: Just Deserts

Milo Yiannopoulos has seen a rise and fall faster than anyone I have ever seen. He was hot with the conservative crowd, but when a video tape was released of him apparently endorsing pedophilia, then his 15 seconds of fame came crashing down fast. Milo is just another example of shock over substance. Sadly, people… Continue reading Milo: Just Deserts

Philosophy Time: Do We Ever Really Know Someone?

That is an interesting question. I think it is one that we need to delve on. Someone bought up how can someone know someone when they don’t know themselves? With our own thoughts hidden in our minds, will we ever really know ourselves? Do we hide a bit of ourselves from people? There are so… Continue reading Philosophy Time: Do We Ever Really Know Someone?

Donald Trump: The Media is the Enemy of the American People

We all know how I feel about Trump, however, who is to say that Trump is not right about somethings. In his newest video, Keith Olbermann went after Trump for calling the media the enemy of the people. I love Keith, but I have to question. Is Trump wrong? Think about it, the media runs… Continue reading Donald Trump: The Media is the Enemy of the American People

Keep Fighting

I keep hearing the same arguments from people who don’t know if all this fighting for equal rights is worth it. I keep telling them that yes it is worth fighting for. Keep fighting for what is right, even if it seems like all is lost. I have a comic book I am working on… Continue reading Keep Fighting

2016 Was A Horrible Year

Not just for poor people, or intellectuals, but for trans people. In this year, according to the advocate, there have been ’26 trans people killed.’ A lot of them were black trans people and for anyone who thinks that trans people deserve this, go jump. We are people and we should be treated with the… Continue reading 2016 Was A Horrible Year