Eye Shadowing Tips

I love my eye shadow, it helps me feel so classy when i put it on. It can be hard to pick out the right combination though and applying it takes skill and practice. Well, here is a tip from old school dot com to help your eye shadow feel even more fabulous, “Here’s a… Continue reading Eye Shadowing Tips

How to Make Lipstick Last Longer While Eating

We love putting on our make up, and of course, our lipstick before we go to work or stay home and start doing the housework. It happens eventually though, the dreaded eating. We gotta do it, but it does take a toll on our lips and we have to reapply more lipstick. There has to… Continue reading How to Make Lipstick Last Longer While Eating

Curl Your Lashes Housewives.

A lot of times, we act like any idea from the older as bad, however. Some ideas still hold up, like curling your lashes. It really does help your lashes and make up look fab! I will post the link below. I love finding new ways to wear make up. I love how make up… Continue reading Curl Your Lashes Housewives.