Use Oil When Washing Your Hair

Washing your hair does take some steps to do it right, for instance, I did not know this, but according to stylecraze, “Our grandmas were not wrong when they instructed us to apply oil before every hair wash. Always apply and massage hair oil to your scalp and hair 2-3 hours before you plan to… Continue reading Use Oil When Washing Your Hair

Get Ready for Winter!

It is getting really cold outside and if the prices of winter hats at the store are just too much, well you are in luck. I am gonna post a link to help you homemakers learn how to make a good winter hat. Start as soon as possible. It is a warm fall so far,… Continue reading Get Ready for Winter!

Eye Shadowing Tips

I love my eye shadow, it helps me feel so classy when i put it on. It can be hard to pick out the right combination though and applying it takes skill and practice. Well, here is a tip from old school dot com to help your eye shadow feel even more fabulous, “Here’s a… Continue reading Eye Shadowing Tips

How to Get Berry Stains Out of Your Clothes

We all love our fruits, just sitting there and just enjoying every delicious second of the flavors coursing through your mouth, while feeling sad when it finally ends. Oh, that sounds like heaven, but you know what isn’t like heaven? Looking down on your dress, blouse, shirt, pants or skirt and seeing a berry stain.… Continue reading How to Get Berry Stains Out of Your Clothes

How to Fix Your Vacuum’s Motor

A vacuum cleaner’s motor can run out, but don’t think the worst automatically. There are times when a few checks may bring it back, from the spruce, “Did your vacuum cleaner suddenly overheat and turn itself off? A lot of people assume that this is the end for their machine. But in there are some… Continue reading How to Fix Your Vacuum’s Motor

Get Out Puppy Urine From Your Carpet

Oh we all love our pets, but they can make messes. How to deal with that? Well, according to PetMD, “For more stubborn stains and aromas, there are several green enzymatic cleaners you can find to spray on your carpet or, if you have older stains to tackle, consider renting a carpet-cleaning machine from a… Continue reading Get Out Puppy Urine From Your Carpet