Curl Your Lashes Housewives.

A lot of times, we act like any idea from the older as bad, however. Some ideas still hold up, like curling your lashes. It really does help your lashes and make up look fab! I will post the link below. I love finding new ways to wear make up. I love how make up… Continue reading Curl Your Lashes Housewives.

The Theraxodrones

The Theraxodrones are the fierce land creatures who are the apex predators on the planet Harmonia. Here is a small description of them from my upcoming book, the Buzzies; ” The Theraxodrones are the huge apex land predators on Harmonia. The Theraxodrones hunt with one male, or once a month, they do a pack hunt… Continue reading The Theraxodrones

Why I love Vintage Housewives (And Being One).

I love being a vintage housewife. When I get married one day, it will be official. )This is not to judge women who are not vintage housewives ok? You live your life and I’ll live mine, but this blog is to tell why I love being a vintage housewife.) Until then, here are a five… Continue reading Why I love Vintage Housewives (And Being One).