The Theraxodrones

The Theraxodrones are the fierce land creatures who are the apex predators on the planet Harmonia. Here is a small description of them from my upcoming book, the Buzzies; ” The Theraxodrones are the huge apex land predators on Harmonia. The Theraxodrones hunt with one male, or once a month, they do a pack hunt… Continue reading The Theraxodrones

Love Trumps Hate?

Good slogan, but it seems that some democrats are not listening. A young Trump supporter was beaten by four kids who did not like Trump. It is wrong when Trump supporters do it, and it is wrong when Hillary supporters do it. Hey, let’s just say it is wrong when anyone does it, end of… Continue reading Love Trumps Hate?

Philosophy Time: Can You Become Another Gender?

The simple answer is yes. Gender is your mindset and thus you can look like a male, but identify as a female. Becoming the other gender is more tricky, but if you get the surgery, and get the HRT, and all the other treatments, then yes. You can, remember, gender is mindset and sex is… Continue reading Philosophy Time: Can You Become Another Gender?

Feeling Good As a Woman

I think the most important thing to remember is to be happy. That is not so easy, but it can be done. Don’t let others tell you how to be happy, just be happy. It is good to be open and yourself. However, I think society has done a bad job of promoting women lifting… Continue reading Feeling Good As a Woman

Dealing With Hatred

Since I came out, I have been met with a lot of love, but there has been a lot of hatred thrown my way. I was walking to my favorite place the university library, to do some reading and write my book. On the way there, some men yelled that I needed my p*ssy grabbed… Continue reading Dealing With Hatred