Keep Your High Heels Clean

We all want to keep our high heels clean, but it can be a bit tricky. According to classroomsynonym, “Step 1 Wipe off the shoes with a dry rag to remove dirt and debris. Step 2 Moisten a rag with cold water. Dab the rag onto any dirty spots of the shoes, using a downward… Continue reading Keep Your High Heels Clean

How to Make Lipstick Last Longer While Eating

We love putting on our make up, and of course, our lipstick before we go to work or stay home and start doing the housework. It happens eventually though, the dreaded eating. We gotta do it, but it does take a toll on our lips and we have to reapply more lipstick. There has to… Continue reading How to Make Lipstick Last Longer While Eating

Extra Volume for Your Petticoat.

How many vintage housewives want more volume from their petticoat? We all do girls, but how do you do it? That is the question. Well, inspiredinsanity has a very good blog detailing how to do this, “Still want more volume? You can starch your petticoat BUT what you gain in volume, you will lose in… Continue reading Extra Volume for Your Petticoat.