Will Microsoft Survive the Console Wars?

Video games just had their apex show; the E3. This is when the big console manufacturers showcase their big upcoming and beyond games. Nintendo won the show according do most attendees and critics. Sony got pretty negative reviews, but it was Microsoft that got people wondering how much longer they will last in the video… Continue reading Will Microsoft Survive the Console Wars?

Roman Reigns Sucks! Maybe Not.

Over the last two years, no wrestler has gotten more heat than Roman Reigns. He is supposed to be a baby face, but he gets more boos than any heel in the WWE right now. Why is he so hated? A lot of fans think he is awful, but is that fair? Even I have… Continue reading Roman Reigns Sucks! Maybe Not.

Top 100 Movies of All Time

A lot of people do not realize how much I love arts and entertainment. I have seen over 20,000 movies, I have studied the art of how to make movies and I have learned what makes a good screenplay. I do have good credentials when it comes to knowing what makes a good movie. I… Continue reading Top 100 Movies of All Time