Movie Review: Aliens

Aliens Review By Michelle Lynn Tackett Grades: 1 star=Horrible, avoid like the plague. 2 starts=meh, not bad, but not good either. A rental to fill time. 3 stars=good, a good movie with some flaws, it isn’t one I would buy, but it is worth a watch. 4 stars=great. A must see movie that needs to… Continue reading Movie Review: Aliens

Project Octopath’s Secret To Success

For the NPD July 2018 Sales Octopath Traveler has sold well over one million copies since it’s release six weeks ago. No one (except for me and a few others), saw this game. No one thought this game would do this well. A lot of people didn’t think the game would sell that great when… Continue reading Project Octopath’s Secret To Success

The Square Enix Effect

The Nintendo Switch is starting to hit it’s stride and more third parties are starting to take a chance on the young console. Square Enix made an exclusive old school JRPG called Octopath Travler which has gone on to become a huge critical and commercial success so far. Square was caught off guard as the… Continue reading The Square Enix Effect

1950s Housewife Bridal Showers

These are becoming very popular and I am glad. Hey, who says a new bride can’t dress up. Do it every day if you like it. Do not let others dictate your happiness. i am so proud of these girls. You go girls. Link:

Vintage Dress of the Week

A new segment I am gonna start on my blog. I am gonna pick an adorable vintage dress and the site where you can get it. I will post a picture of the dress below in the link. It is blue with flowers and it is available from Dress Lilly. So go get this dress,… Continue reading Vintage Dress of the Week

Generation Y Love of Vintage Lifestyle

Seems like millennials are more into slow cooking, walks and classic board games. Remember when our  used ro say, “You dang youngens are too wild nowadays.” I guess they can’t say that about millennials. You can find the date in the Boston Globe which I will link below. What do you think? Is this good… Continue reading Generation Y Love of Vintage Lifestyle

Super Mario Odyssey Reviews: It’s Out of This World!

I think we all saw this coming. Just like Trump’s presidency turning into a one man failed circus show, the reviews are pouring in for Mario Odyssey, and the 10’s are coming hot and heavy. Mario Odyssey is easily the biggest game this fall and it will make sure Switchs fly off the shelves and… Continue reading Super Mario Odyssey Reviews: It’s Out of This World!