Put Bobbins Into Toe Separator

Who would have thought! This is genius. From how does she know, a brilliant sewing tip to help out, “3. Store your loose bobbins in a toe separator. So genius!” Just tell other housewives! No matter how you do it. This needs to be spread around. Happy homemaking housewives. Link: https://howdoesshe.com/20-easy-sewing-tips-and-tricks-youre-going-to-love/

1950s Housewife Bridal Showers

These are becoming very popular and I am glad. Hey, who says a new bride can’t dress up. Do it every day if you like it. Do not let others dictate your happiness. i am so proud of these girls. You go girls. Link: http://www.loveeverydetail.com/2012/07/31/1950s-housewife-bridal-shower/

Vintage Dress of the Week

A new segment I am gonna start on my blog. I am gonna pick an adorable vintage dress and the site where you can get it. I will post a picture of the dress below in the link. It is blue with flowers and it is available from Dress Lilly. So go get this dress,… Continue reading Vintage Dress of the Week