Get Ready for Winter!

It is getting really cold outside and if the prices of winter hats at the store are just too much, well you are in luck. I am gonna post a link to help you homemakers learn how to make a good winter hat. Start as soon as possible. It is a warm fall so far,… Continue reading Get Ready for Winter!

How to Keep Your Colors From Fading

We have been there, we wash our clothes and we think we are doing the right thing by washing and drying them. However, it seems to fade our colors and that sucks. I still hate it when one of my dress’s color starts to fade. CNET (Yes, that CNET), has a tip on how to… Continue reading How to Keep Your Colors From Fading

How to Get Berry Stains Out of Your Clothes

We all love our fruits, just sitting there and just enjoying every delicious second of the flavors coursing through your mouth, while feeling sad when it finally ends. Oh, that sounds like heaven, but you know what isn’t like heaven? Looking down on your dress, blouse, shirt, pants or skirt and seeing a berry stain.… Continue reading How to Get Berry Stains Out of Your Clothes

Vintage Fashion Last

One of the big reasons for the vintage fashion comeback is vintage fashion is long-lasting. Some people complain vintage fashion is a bit pricy (go to Amazon or Ebay to find some cheaper ones), but it last longer, meaning you do not have to purchase new clothes every four to six months, so it is… Continue reading Vintage Fashion Last

Vintage Dress of the Week

A new segment I am gonna start on my blog. I am gonna pick an adorable vintage dress and the site where you can get it. I will post a picture of the dress below in the link. It is blue with flowers and it is available from Dress Lilly. So go get this dress,… Continue reading Vintage Dress of the Week