Website Review: Frilly Aprons is Great!

If you are looking for a good site to buy aprons from I highly recommend Frilly Aprons dot com. I will post their link. They make aprons for women, men and kids. They got good prices, great design, good selection of aprons and lots of variety. You can’t ask for more then that. They also… Continue reading Website Review: Frilly Aprons is Great!

Cleaning The Walls

Oh, this can be such a tricky thing for us homemakers. Cleaning walls can be really easy or really hard depending on what stains are on the wall, according to DIY, “In a bucket, mix a wall-cleaning solution. For normal soil levels, try a mild detergent solution to clean walls that consists of: 1 gallon… Continue reading Cleaning The Walls

Keep Your High Heels Clean

We all want to keep our high heels clean, but it can be a bit tricky. According to classroomsynonym, “Step 1 Wipe off the shoes with a dry rag to remove dirt and debris. Step 2 Moisten a rag with cold water. Dab the rag onto any dirty spots of the shoes, using a downward… Continue reading Keep Your High Heels Clean

Get the Gravy Out of Your Clothes

Nothing I love more than some gravy. Whether it is on chicken, or eggs. Gravy just adds that e tra bit of taste to any dish. But, it can sure be a pain to clean out. Here are some steps from University of Illinois on how to get those nasty stains oit pf your bright… Continue reading Get the Gravy Out of Your Clothes

Get Blood Out of Your Carpet

Yeah, it can happen. A cut on the side of the door, or a window gets broken and someone gets cut. Blood stains can happen and lord Nelly, can they be a pain to get out. Here are some tips from spotremoval on how to do it. I will put a link below, “If the… Continue reading Get Blood Out of Your Carpet