Get the Gravy Out of Your Clothes

Nothing I love more than some gravy. Whether it is on chicken, or eggs. Gravy just adds that e tra bit of taste to any dish. But, it can sure be a pain to clean out. Here are some steps from University of Illinois on how to get those nasty stains oit pf your bright… Continue reading Get the Gravy Out of Your Clothes

Mist, Not Water

Yes, I am doing skin care tips now. This one comes from Instyle who say, ” Body Shop’s Vitamin E face mist MIST MOISTURIZER, NOT WATER If you mist, then moisturize too—it’s two steps, says N.Y.C. dermatologist Francesca Fusco. When you just spritz, the water evaporates on the skin, creating dryness. Can’t do both steps?… Continue reading Mist, Not Water

The Theraxodrones

The Theraxodrones are the fierce land creatures who are the apex predators on the planet Harmonia. Here is a small description of them from my upcoming book, the Buzzies; ” The Theraxodrones are the huge apex land predators on Harmonia. The Theraxodrones hunt with one male, or once a month, they do a pack hunt… Continue reading The Theraxodrones