What is The One Household Chore You Do the Best?

For me, it is mopping. I can get it done very quickly and I can get it done right. I love to mop. Just moving it back and forth while watching the floor get clean. So, tell me housewives. What is household chore do you do the best? And, remember, happy homemaking housewives. Advertisements

Strawberry Ice Cream Charlotte Cake

Oh I love sharing vintage recipes with you housewives. Here is one for ya that will get the kids and family glowing with excitement. I will link you the article which is called Taste of Home. This looks like it will be so delicious. Link: https://www.tasteofhome.com/recipes/strawberry-ice-cream-charlotte

Vintage Decor Style is Coming Back in Style

Yes, it seems that more homes are going vintage. I will share the link below so you can check out some of the fabulous designs that are not replicated by the past, but they sure do look stylish. Good to see class and originality make a comeback. Link: https://www.architecturaldigest.com/gallery/10-lowbrow-trends-that-are-making-a-comeback

Extra Volume for Your Petticoat.

How many vintage housewives want more volume from their petticoat? We all do girls, but how do you do it? That is the question. Well, inspiredinsanity has a very good blog detailing how to do this, “Still want more volume? You can starch your petticoat BUT what you gain in volume, you will lose in… Continue reading Extra Volume for Your Petticoat.

1950s Housewife Bridal Showers

These are becoming very popular and I am glad. Hey, who says a new bride can’t dress up. Do it every day if you like it. Do not let others dictate your happiness. i am so proud of these girls. You go girls. Link: http://www.loveeverydetail.com/2012/07/31/1950s-housewife-bridal-shower/