My Dream Job: Being A Vintage Homemaker Has Made Me Happier Than Ever!

When I grew up, I loved watching I love Lucy, the Donna Reed Show, Leave it to Beaver and Bewitched. I loved the homemakers in those shows. Growing up, I wanted to be different occupations. Teachers, sports athlete and computer programmer all went through my mind. I never thought about being a vintage homemaker. I… Continue reading My Dream Job: Being A Vintage Homemaker Has Made Me Happier Than Ever!

Housedress Review

Nothing I love more than a cute housedress. Adding polka dots helps and this lovely housedress is adorable. The fabric is high quality, the design pops and the colors sparkle. My grade: 4 aprons! A must buy. Happy homemaking homemakers. Photo courtesy of:

Apron Review

There is nothing I love more than aprons! Their soft feel and adorable look complement a good housedress. Aprons in other words, rock. I saw this apron on Pinterest and it is gorgeous. It’s a full body apron with gorgeous flowers and a heart shaped pocket. The textering is delightful and the colors pop. This… Continue reading Apron Review

Table Review

This table I am reviewing looks so pretty. You can tell it has a great hardwood finish and the polish is very good. The legs look sturdy, which we all know is important. You don’t want to have other housewives over and your table give out. My favorite part is the top design. It has… Continue reading Table Review

Home Decor Review

The kitchen in this photo does have a nice table and some nice chairs, but some of the colors are too dark and it makes it look a bit depressing. Also, the cabinets are too pastel in their shading. Never go in one direction with your colors for your kitchen. There is my review of… Continue reading Home Decor Review