Do Petticoats Make You Look Thinner?

According to a cute blog call XO Jane, “Contrary to my mom’s opinion, a petticoat can bring attention to your waist. Although the skirt creates volume below, by creating different proportions, It emphasizes your waist and disguises your hips.” They do, I have noticed that petticoats do that for my body as well. That is… Continue reading Do Petticoats Make You Look Thinner?

Extra Volume for Your Petticoat.

How many vintage housewives want more volume from their petticoat? We all do girls, but how do you do it? That is the question. Well, inspiredinsanity has a very good blog detailing how to do this, “Still want more volume? You can starch your petticoat BUT what you gain in volume, you will lose in… Continue reading Extra Volume for Your Petticoat.