Vintage Fashion Last

One of the big reasons for the vintage fashion comeback is vintage fashion is long-lasting. Some people complain vintage fashion is a bit pricy (go to Amazon or Ebay to find some cheaper ones), but it last longer, meaning you do not have to purchase new clothes every four to six months, so it is… Continue reading Vintage Fashion Last

Cooking Tip: Add Your Sauce First, Before the Pasta.

Yes, you heard the title right, according to chateline, “Add pasta to sauce — not the other way around. Always have your sauce prepared before you cook your noodles. The pasta cooking should be the last step in making your dish. Keep your sauce warm in a large, wide saucepan, big enough to add your… Continue reading Cooking Tip: Add Your Sauce First, Before the Pasta.

Use a Lighter to Make Your Pencil Eyeliner a Liquid one.

Here is a doozy of a make up tip from Cosmopolitan on how you can make your eyeliner (pencil one) into gel, “Hold your black, green, burgundy, etc., kohl eye pencil (which typically creates a thin, harder-to-apply line), under the flame for one second, let it cool for 15 seconds, and then watch the consistency… Continue reading Use a Lighter to Make Your Pencil Eyeliner a Liquid one.

Time Saving Tip No.2 “Keep a date book”

Seems like we all struggle to keep up with time, but here is a tip to help you cut back and keep track of time. From real simple, “Keep an Everything Datebook Buy a weekly calendar. Jot down all the traditional things―school events, birthdays, appointments. But use it to keep track of nontraditional things, too.… Continue reading Time Saving Tip No.2 “Keep a date book”

Rocking My Rollers in Public.

I bet you are asking yourself, “Michelle, why do this?” Well, it is simple. People think of women going out in rollers as such a tabo thing. Whereas it should not be like that. A woman should feel proud to do what she wants if she likes it and is comfortable in it. So do… Continue reading Rocking My Rollers in Public.

Vintage Food From Strong Homemaker: Turkey Meatball With Mashed Potatoes

One of my favorite vintage housewife bloggers, the Strong Homemaker, has done a blog about a recipe she did and it is so yummy. i am gonna make it myself! Here is the link to her blog. This sounds so good, even your pickiest of eaters will enjoy it. Link:

Vintage Dress of the Week

A new segment I am gonna start on my blog. I am gonna pick an adorable vintage dress and the site where you can get it. I will post a picture of the dress below in the link. It is blue with flowers and it is available from Dress Lilly. So go get this dress,… Continue reading Vintage Dress of the Week