Put Bobbins Into Toe Separator

Who would have thought! This is genius. From how does she know, a brilliant sewing tip to help out, “3. Store your loose bobbins in a toe separator. So genius!” Just tell other housewives! No matter how you do it. This needs to be spread around. Happy homemaking housewives. Link: https://howdoesshe.com/20-easy-sewing-tips-and-tricks-youre-going-to-love/

1950s Housewife Bridal Showers

These are becoming very popular and I am glad. Hey, who says a new bride can’t dress up. Do it every day if you like it. Do not let others dictate your happiness. i am so proud of these girls. You go girls. Link: http://www.loveeverydetail.com/2012/07/31/1950s-housewife-bridal-shower/