Rocking My Rollers in Public.

I bet you are asking yourself, “Michelle, why do this?” Well, it is simple. People think of women going out in rollers as such a tabo thing. Whereas it should not be like that. A woman should feel proud to do what she wants if she likes it and is comfortable in it. So do… Continue reading Rocking My Rollers in Public.

Vintage Food From Strong Homemaker: Turkey Meatball With Mashed Potatoes

One of my favorite vintage housewife bloggers, the Strong Homemaker, has done a blog about a recipe she did and it is so yummy. i am gonna make it myself! Here is the link to her blog. This sounds so good, even your pickiest of eaters will enjoy it. Link:

Vintage Dress of the Week

A new segment I am gonna start on my blog. I am gonna pick an adorable vintage dress and the site where you can get it. I will post a picture of the dress below in the link. It is blue with flowers and it is available from Dress Lilly. So go get this dress,… Continue reading Vintage Dress of the Week

Curl Your Lashes Housewives.

A lot of times, we act like any idea from the older as bad, however. Some ideas still hold up, like curling your lashes. It really does help your lashes and make up look fab! I will post the link below. I love finding new ways to wear make up. I love how make up… Continue reading Curl Your Lashes Housewives.

Track Your Spending

Here is another brilliant blog from justagirlandherblog on how to live on one income. She really gives good advice when it comes to how her family does it. One is by tracking your spending. This makes sense, how many times have we spent money and forgot to think whether or not we should buy it.… Continue reading Track Your Spending

Generation Y Love of Vintage Lifestyle

Seems like millennials are more into slow cooking, walks and classic board games. Remember when our  used ro say, “You dang youngens are too wild nowadays.” I guess they can’t say that about millennials. You can find the date in the Boston Globe which I will link below. What do you think? Is this good… Continue reading Generation Y Love of Vintage Lifestyle

Baby Wipes For the Win! (Dusting Tip)

If you notice, it is common household items that sometimes make the best cleaning products. If you think baby wipes to keep baby’s little bottom clean, you are wrong. From tiphero, “Baby Wipes: after you’ve shaken out your laptop to get rid of any debris caught between the keys, use a baby wipe ot remove… Continue reading Baby Wipes For the Win! (Dusting Tip)