Look in the Mirror

The old Michael Jackson song Man in the Mirror, to me, is one of the greatest pop songs ever recorded. It had such a good message to it, and it had a haunting melody. I think about how people love to point the finger at other people, but they do not like pointing the finger… Continue reading Look in the Mirror

To Hide or Not to Hide?

A lot of people give me different opinions about weather or not I should be myself in public or try to hide who I am. That is a good question and it does not bother me. Too many trans people are killed just for being themselves and it is scary to think how bad people… Continue reading To Hide or Not to Hide?

Love Trumps Hate?

Good slogan, but it seems that some democrats are not listening. A young Trump supporter was beaten by four kids who did not like Trump. It is wrong when Trump supporters do it, and it is wrong when Hillary supporters do it. Hey, let’s just say it is wrong when anyone does it, end of… Continue reading Love Trumps Hate?

Eminem: How He Failed to Change Music

This is not a blog to bash Eminem, I don’t like him, but I am being objectionable in this blog. Back in 2000, Eminem exploded on the music scene. He was brash, rude, colorful and bold. Eminem was supposed to be the new Elvis, changing society and music together. Sadly, one did not happen. The… Continue reading Eminem: How He Failed to Change Music

Philosophy Time: Can You Become Another Gender?

The simple answer is yes. Gender is your mindset and thus you can look like a male, but identify as a female. Becoming the other gender is more tricky, but if you get the surgery, and get the HRT, and all the other treatments, then yes. You can, remember, gender is mindset and sex is… Continue reading Philosophy Time: Can You Become Another Gender?