Project Octopath’s Secret To Success

For the NPD July 2018 Sales Octopath Traveler has sold well over one million copies since it’s release six weeks ago. No one (except for me and a few others), saw this game. No one thought this game would do this well. A lot of people didn’t think the game would sell that great when… Continue reading Project Octopath’s Secret To Success

How to Keep Your Colors From Fading

We have been there, we wash our clothes and we think we are doing the right thing by washing and drying them. However, it seems to fade our colors and that sucks. I still hate it when one of my dress’s color starts to fade. CNET (Yes, that CNET), has a tip on how to… Continue reading How to Keep Your Colors From Fading

Organize Your Time Better

I am talking to people who really want to be organized about what they want to accomplish and get finished in a single day. That can be a difficult task, but not impossible if you organize your time accordingly. I found some nice tips from creativity post. They have twenty one tips, but I want… Continue reading Organize Your Time Better

The Square Enix Effect

The Nintendo Switch is starting to hit it’s stride and more third parties are starting to take a chance on the young console. Square Enix made an exclusive old school JRPG called Octopath Travler which has gone on to become a huge critical and commercial success so far. Square was caught off guard as the… Continue reading The Square Enix Effect