Keep Your High Heels Clean

We all want to keep our high heels clean, but it can be a bit tricky. According to classroomsynonym, “Step 1 Wipe off the shoes with a dry rag to remove dirt and debris. Step 2 Moisten a rag with cold water. Dab the rag onto any dirty spots of the shoes, using a downward… Continue reading Keep Your High Heels Clean

Use a Darker Lip Liner For Your Lipstick

Yep, the headline is right. The best way to get color out out your bullet lipstick is to use a Darker colored lip liner, according to Shape, ” Start with a liner just slightly darker than your lipstick shade and outline the shape you desire (going outside your lip line slightly will make lips look… Continue reading Use a Darker Lip Liner For Your Lipstick

Do Petticoats Make You Look Thinner?

According to a cute blog call XO Jane, “Contrary to my mom’s opinion, a petticoat can bring attention to your waist. Although the skirt creates volume below, by creating different proportions, It emphasizes your waist and disguises your hips.” They do, I have noticed that petticoats do that for my body as well. That is… Continue reading Do Petticoats Make You Look Thinner?

How to Sew A Dress

Oh ladies, there’s nothing like a new dress to make us feel excited (well, me anyway) and we feel bad when we see a dress that we want, but we cannot afford it. There is a solution to this problem. Sewing! We can sew our own dress and we don’t have to have a ton… Continue reading How to Sew A Dress

Eye Shadowing Tips

I love my eye shadow, it helps me feel so classy when i put it on. It can be hard to pick out the right combination though and applying it takes skill and practice. Well, here is a tip from old school dot com to help your eye shadow feel even more fabulous, “Here’s a… Continue reading Eye Shadowing Tips