The Fight For Trans Rights

This should not be a struggle. Why trans people have to fight just to have basic human rights, but leave it to America to make something simple, hard. A lot of white men get so easily triggered and offended just over being called cis. There is nothing wrong with being cis people. All it means… Continue reading The Fight For Trans Rights

Trans Acceptance

Yeah, it is happening a lot now. As time goes by more and more people are accepting trans people. What is the cause of this? I personally think it is how open we are in society now, trans people are coming out a lot more now. Pew Research on LGBT coming out stats. Including trans people. This… Continue reading Trans Acceptance

Philosophy Time: Is the Majority Just Another Oppression group?

That is a good question. Think about how a lot of Christians have used religion to oppress minority groups who do not agree with them. Same with a lot of other groups. Muslims, so called communist, etc., Look at how many people have been killed or vilified just for being different. Because they did not… Continue reading Philosophy Time: Is the Majority Just Another Oppression group?