Philosophy Time: Is the Majority Just Another Oppression group?

That is a good question. Think about how a lot of Christians have used religion to oppress minority groups who do not agree with them. Same with a lot of other groups. Muslims, so called communist, etc., Look at how many people have been killed or vilified just for being different. Because they did not… Continue reading Philosophy Time: Is the Majority Just Another Oppression group?

Keep Fighting

I keep hearing the same arguments from people who don’t know if all this fighting for equal rights is worth it. I keep telling them that yes it is worth fighting for. Keep fighting for what is right, even if it seems like all is lost. I have a comic book I am working on… Continue reading Keep Fighting

2016 Was A Horrible Year

Not just for poor people, or intellectuals, but for trans people. In this year, according to the advocate, there have been ’26 trans people killed.’ A lot of them were black trans people and for anyone who thinks that trans people deserve this, go jump. We are people and we should be treated with the… Continue reading 2016 Was A Horrible Year