Mega Man 11 Review

My rating system:
4 Stars =great
3 =good
2 =fair
1 =poor

One of my favorite franchises growing up on the NES and SNES was the Mega Man series. For me, my favorite MM games were the second one and X especially. They had the best level design, music, Robots and challenge fo the ealier games. The challenge and the amount of different items you got to use and how you used them really made Mega Man stand out. However, over the years Mega Man lost the mildest touch so to say. Some sub bar games kind of put a bad taste in gamer’s mouths, but Capcom did not give up on Mega Man, thqt is a good thing because thet released a brand new Mega Man game called Mega Man 11. Is Mega Man 11 up to the gold standards set by 2 and X? Let’s find out.

What makes a great Mega Man game? Level design is at the top of the list. Why? Because at it’s heart, Mega Man is a platformer and a platformer without excellent level design is pretty pointless. Thankfully, MM11 delivers in spades (especially Bounce Man, Acid Man and Block Man’s levels). The platforms are perfectly placed and the jumps are just exciting to pull off. You feel like you accomplish something when you beat the level and you have fun while doing it. When the levels are hard, but fun; that’s how you know you have a great platform game (hello Super Mario Odyssey). Pulling off some awesome combos on enemies makes you feel super cool in the game like MM himself. It gives you a real sense of fun when you can pull off some of the harder jumps, but oh are they so fun to do. The levels have enough secrets to keep you coming back for more.

Next up, the abilities that you get from beating the other robots. Some MM games would recycle the abilities from past games, but thankfully MM11 has some neat weapons you can achieve from beating some of the very colorful and cute bosses, (Block Man and Bounce Man are my favs). This makes the challenge all the worthwhile and managing your weapons is very easy with an accessible menu where you can easily swap weapons and check on how many special items (such as energy tanks) you have. This makes it easy to keep up with your equipment which makes it more accessible for newer players.

The graphics have always been a highlight for the MM series and once again, MM11 hits the nail on the head when it comes to a gorgeous art style with characters that sparkle like a Twilight vampire on steroids. The textures are really clean and colorful (no matter which system you play this game on), it is a feast for the eyes. Capcom has always been known for having great artist and this is no exception. Thankfully, MM11 not only looks great, but it also has a great soundtrack as well. A lot of the music tracks really get your pulse racing and stick with you. Thet really fit the levels and I have hummed a few at times (don’t look at me like I’m crazy)!

Replay ability? Oh there is lots to dive into in MM11. From time trials to see how fast you can complete the levels (on the hardest difficulty), to multiple difficulty settings (even a very easy mode for noobs), there are lots of modes to keep you coming back for more. You can easily sink over 20 hours into this game and not do everything. For a game that cost 30 dollars, that is a lot of replay value. Heck, Spider Man on the PS4 don’t give you that much replay value.

Flaws? Like any game, MM11 does have a few flaws, so let’s go over them. First up, on easy (yes easy) and normal mode, this game maybe too hard for some people, but to be fair; that is par for the course for MM games. It is fair in it’s challenge, but you will get frustrated sometimes, but I kept pushing on and I beat the game eventually after dying a lot. Also, if you are looking for a MM game that reinvents the wheel, well this one doesn’t. It does feel a lot like the older games, but that’s not a bad thing. MM11 does have some new stuff like the double gear mechanic (speed up and power up), that do add more strategy and spice to the game, but other then that, it sticks to old MM formula. Lastly, the story is a bit on the thin side. It’s not bad, but it is very similar and simple. If you are looking for a story-rich experience, nope, you will not find it here. However, you do get to know more about the Dr. Light and Dr. Wiley fued which is very interesting. You get to find out what caused the rift between them. It is sad and you may feel sorry for Wiley (just a little). It gives him a clear motivation for all of the years he spent trying to undercut Dr. Light. I wish they had went more into this, but it doesn’t take away from the experience, so enjoy the game and what little story you are given.

In the end, MM11 is a grand slam for MM fans who grew up on the series, but it also is well made enough,has enough modes and enough new content to bring in newbies and that’s why this has been a big seller so far (especially on the Switch). Capcom has stated they plan on doing more MM games if this game sells well. If they are anything like this game, I will be the first in line to buy it.

My Score: 4 Stars

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