Housewives (Women in General), Need to Lift Each Other Up.

Women in general, but one thing I notice is how people like to tear each other down. Well, I want to go the opposite. Let’s build each other up housewives. Heck all women. We are a sisterhood and we need to help one another. It won’t be easy, we will have to get rid of hate groups like SWERF and TERF,and it will mean some feminist who don’t like the idea of housewives, well tough, we are here and we are not going away. Accept us and move on; but I believe in us and I know we can do it. Spread it around and be positive. What harm could it do being nice to someone?


6 thoughts on “Housewives (Women in General), Need to Lift Each Other Up.

  1. I honest to goodness don’t understand why there are women who think it’s not OK for men to tell us what to do, but think it’s totally OK to dictate to other women about what they need to do with their lives. Never understood it. I thought feminism was about enabling women to make choices for ourselves whether that’s being a housewife, CEO or anything in between. A woman should be free to make her own choices and not be told by anyone what to do. Great blog btw x

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    1. I totally agree. I know a lot of women got tired of society telling them to be housewives in the 1950s, well this is not the 50s anymore. We get encouraged to be who we want to. This is very different from before. But, some feminist still think we are fighting the 1950s war I guess. Thanks, I just have been thinking about things I am seeing online and this is a bit troubling. I hope we can unite and come together.

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