The Theraxodrones

The Theraxodrones are the fierce land creatures who are the apex predators on the planet Harmonia. Here is a small description of them from my upcoming book, the Buzzies; ”

The Theraxodrones are the huge apex land predators on Harmonia. The Theraxodrones hunt with one male, or once a month, they do a pack hunt with two males and one female. The males and females are distinctive by their color. The males are a darker red, and the female has a lighter touch of red on her face. The females are very protective, they help gather the food the males hunt and they watch over the cubs and make sure they learn the Theraxodrone way of hunting and family structure.

The male Theraxodrones are usually the head of the family, but there are some clans were the female leads the family unit. The Theraxodrones are overly territorial and will attack anyone without hesitation who they preceive as a threat, (especially to their young). The Theraxodrones will kill and gore anyone or anything they think is trying to hurt them. The Theraxodrone, do lose stamina quickly, but they more than make up for this by having a steel horn to attack someone with their razor-sharp teeth that they use to rip their pray to shreds. The Theraxodrones are naturally aggressive and it would be wise to steer clear of them so you don’t have to worry about being eaten alive.”

I hope you like this book. It is a passion project of mine and I have worked on it for over 30 years now.


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