Game of the Year: Mario or Zelda?

When did we think there would be a year in video games were two of the top five greatest games ever would be released in the same calendar year? Yet, here we are with Mario Odyssey and The Legend of Zelda, Breath of the Wild being released not too far apart from each other. No one thought any game would be able to challenge Zelda for game of the year, but Mario took the beer out of his chubby plumber (oops, freelance) hands and said “Hold my beer.” Mario is becoming a real threat to Zelda for game of the year winning lots of game of the show awards and every time new footage is shown, people gush at how much better it looks. Mario will be the year’s biggest holiday title for sure.

How do we solve this problem? What if both games are good enough to win game of the year? I think a good solution if the academy (or all the other websites who pick game of the year), just give both of them game of the year. If you cannot pick between these classics, just give it to both of them. Why not? You know if you pick one or the other; the internet will light up with butt hurt fan bots who get on You Tube and other sites crying like a kid who got his favorite toy taken away. Their keyboards will explode from the anger while pounding the keys. I will just ignore them and marvel at the monumental achievement that Nintendo achieved with both of these master works that dazzled us more than any Hollywood blockbuster could this year.

Both games will be remembered for raising the bar when it comes to 3-d gaming. Zelda, with it’s sure size and how it encourages the player to choose their own path and how they want to play the game. Mario, with the sheer size, scope, and amount to do is propelling action and platform games to another level. Both games are getting people back into games and it is both titles that will keep the Nintendo Switch hot in the marketplace. I think the idea that only one deserves game of the year, is ridiculous and is an outdated way of thinking. If there are more than one game that does something revolutionary or just blows people away with it’s design and fun factor, who says that only one game should get it?


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