Will Microsoft Survive the Console Wars?

Video games just had their apex show; the E3. This is when the big console manufacturers showcase their big upcoming and beyond games. Nintendo won the show according do most attendees and critics. Sony got pretty negative reviews, but it was Microsoft that got people wondering how much longer they will last in the video game console race. I am gonna give 3 reasons why Microsoft will not survive the console race.

1: Not enough blockbuster games. This is the big one, Sony has some big game franchises like Uncharted, The Last of Us and Jak and Daxter to name a few. Nintendo has plenty of big name franchises, including the big tree, Mario, Pokemon and the Legend of Zelda. Microsoft on the other hand, does not have the horses to match either Nintendo nor Sony. Halo is starting to lose some of its popularity and Gears of War 4 was a huge let down. Outside of those big names, Microsoft has Crackdown, but that one is not a real system mover. Microsoft needs to invest in new second parties and try to build new hits so they can compete with Nintendo and Sony. This will help them more than anything else.

2: Their audience is limited. A big problem with the X Box brand is that it is too western for a lot of eastern countries. Especially Japan, which has some of the biggest developers (and best) in the world like Capcom, Konami, Namco, Square and others. Microsoft needs to start targeting the east more so they can get more diverse Microsoft also focuses too much on young males and not enough on older gamers and casual gamers. Microsoft needs to diversify their line up. They mostly rely on shooters, and there is nothing wrong with shooters, but they do not have enough puzzle games, simulations or rpgs to reach a more diverse audience.

3: And Finally, Microsoft does not have the marketing. Silly as it sounds just ask Nintendo how important marketing is. The Wii U was not marketed great, and did not do that well. The Switch has been marketed to perfection and it is the hottest selling item on the market. Sony has a great marketing team and they know how to sell the PS brand, even the PS4 (which is not a very good machine), has sold based on the PS brand name and Sony’s brilliant marketing.

If Microsoft does not change and try to follow this advice, there will only be two big console manufacturers in the future. Since most 3rd party games are multi platform, it is going to be exclusives that sell and if it comes down to exclusive content. Microsoft cannot compete. They do not have enough firepower to compete with Nintendo and Sony. I think Microsoft is good for the video game industry and competition helps an industry thrive. I hope Microsoft listens to this and learns from their past mistakes. Look at how many good second parties have bent bankrupt (hello Silicon Knights) or their reputation has been ruined (hello Rareware). Microsoft needs to change, Nintendo is surging and Sony is not gonna lose their fan base. Change is good and it can help Microsoft survive and not shrivel up like others (Atari, SNK, and Sega come to mind).


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