Roman Reigns Sucks! Maybe Not.

Over the last two years, no wrestler has gotten more heat than Roman Reigns. He is supposed to be a baby face, but he gets more boos than any heel in the WWE right now. Why is he so hated? A lot of fans think he is awful, but is that fair? Even I have been guilty of it. So, I sat down and watched some of his matches with an open mind. Can we say his matches with AJ Styles were bad? No, an awful wrestler would not be able to have a good match. His matches with Styles were very good. I know some people complain about his lack of moves. But, think back about the two most popular wrestlers of the last 20 years. Stone Cold Steve Austin and the Rock were not as gifted in the ring as Mr. Perfect, Kurt Angle, or Bret Hart. But, they knew how to do the moves they did and they got a reaction out of the crowd. Roman does that, so on his wrestling ability. I give Roman a B, he does need to improve some, but he has a style and he knows how to get a reaction with his moves.

Next up is his weak spot, the microphone. Roman is too stiff in his delivery and he has not developed a character yet. Can we blame this on him though? Vince did not send him to a development league to hone his skills like the others. Also, if we remember correctly, the Rock was awful when he first started and Triple H was horrible, but look at how good they turned out. Maybe Roman just needs time in order to improve on his mic skills. He is no good right now I admit, but he has gotten a bit better in the past few years.  He has gotten better, but there is room for improvement. Roman has improved some, so maybe there is more room for growth. My grade on his microphone skills is a C+ He is not the worst, but he needs to develop a personality and voice.

Finally, his character. This is the one area I think Roman is the weakest on. Vince has not given the young man a good character to win the fans over. Reigns is just some guy who beats up people. The fans need to feel a connection. Maybe turning him into a heel will help push him the way it did Austin, the Rock and the Miz. Reigns tries to do the best he can with sub-par material, but even he can only do so much. I think again, Vince should have given him more time to develop. But, before we close the casket and say put a fork in him. Do we remember how boring Daniel Bryan was when he first saw him? Can we really say Austin (the Ringmaster) had a good character? No, so maybe we are jumping the gun on this, but I have to be honest about this.  Roman needs to improve his character dramatically. His character is not connecting with a lot of fans (but for some reason, he is selling a lot of merchandise). His character is still developing, so maybe he can improve, but right now, the grade for his character is a C. He is not a standout character right now. All he is, is some guy who beats people up.

How does he stack up overall? I give him a C+ as a whole. He does have some decent moves, his mike skills have improved, but his character is still a bit boring. However, that does not mean he cannot improve. His work inside the ring has improved a lot and he has made some strides on the microphone. I think Vince needs to send him down to the D-league and let him develop. With the right push and booking. Reigns could be the next big superstar. Look at how he can whip a crowd into a frenzy. That is a good sign of a superstar, but the reason why he gets so much heat is a lot of fans think he is being shoved down their throats. I imagine a lot of them would love to see an oncoming semi hit Roman. That is how much hated he generates from the audience. However, that is a sign of someone who does get a reaction, and with wrestling. Getting a reaction is the most important thing a wrestler can do.




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