Milo: Just Deserts

Milo Yiannopoulos has seen a rise and fall faster than anyone I have ever seen. He was hot with the conservative crowd, but when a video tape was released of him apparently endorsing pedophilia, then his 15 seconds of fame came crashing down fast. Milo is just another example of shock over substance. Sadly, people like Milo stir up emotions and that is what sells now. Not critical thinking or facts, just shock.

Milo is fading away faster than he appeared on the scene, but the damage he helped inflict on this society will not be forgotten. However, society is to blame for creating this creep. People bought his book and his haters gave him attention by focusing on his words. Now that he is starting to die off. Let’s bury him and hope his cancer of hate dies with his fame. I feel no sympathy for him. He tried to push hate as “Satire” and that anyone who was offended was a snowflake. Well Milo, you finally passed the bar of acceptance when you tried to say that for some boys, having sex with an older man helped them. Now feel the backlash for saying something so idiotic. Welcome to free speech.

Oh and screw you to Bill Maher who was basically a wimp to Milo and even let him say transphobic crap and Maher just agreed with him.


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