Donald Trump: The Media is the Enemy of the American People

We all know how I feel about Trump, however, who is to say that Trump is not right about somethings. In his newest video, Keith Olbermann went after Trump for calling the media the enemy of the people. I love Keith, but I have to question. Is Trump wrong? Think about it, the media runs stories that divide us and they do it for the benefit of their own ratings. Not to help the people. The people coming together and fighting against a common enemy is not in the media’s best intention.

Togetherness is not good for ratings and ratings drive up business. So, if I am a big business tycoon who owns a TV station, would I want news that unites people or divides them but drives up my bottom line? If this is what Trump meant, he has a valid point. But, disagreeing with him and he gets mad when people correct him however, does not make the media the enemy of the media.

Keith Olbermann’s video


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