Keep Fighting

I keep hearing the same arguments from people who don’t know if all this fighting for equal rights is worth it. I keep telling them that yes it is worth fighting for. Keep fighting for what is right, even if it seems like all is lost. I have a comic book I am working on and it has a similar message in it. Even if you don’t win, you keep fighting because it is the right thing to do.

It is good to see a lot of younger people fight for equal rights, but it is also disheartening to see a lot of younger people give up. We thought that equality would come easy and that has not been the case. Look at the rights being taken away from African Americans, here is a link to what African Americans have to lose. Already AA have lost some ground in an appeal of the voting rights act. This will not get any prettier for minority groups in the near future with a lot of state’s ‘rights’ being elected to the house, senate and now the presidency. This is the time to fight harder for minority rights, not back down.

Now the gop is trying to pass the freedom of religious act which means that if a religious person wants to fire someone for being gay, trans, whoever, they can. This is not a time to lay down, it is no time to let the oppressors think that they can do whatever they please. Hate crimes have gone up since Trump won. They think that since Trump won, it is OK for them to treat minorities like crap. That it is OK for whites to treat minorities anyway they want. Defenders of human rights have to show them that no, they cannot do what they want and there will be consequences for their actions.

What if your rights come under attack one day? Never say never, if history has taught humanity anything, it is that history can and often does repeat itself. Never stop fighting for equal rights for everyone. If you ever question why, always think of this, how would you feel if a group tried to attack your rights, then tell me if you would not want as many people to stand up for as they can. Try being empathetic, try understanding their plight and most importantly, keep fighting for them. Don’t look at minorities as minorities, look at them as your fellow brother, sister, aunt, mother, etc. That might help humanize them and help you fight for them.



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