2016 Was A Horrible Year

Not just for poor people, or intellectuals, but for trans people. In this year, according to the advocate, there have been ’26 trans people killed.’ A lot of them were black trans people and for anyone who thinks that trans people deserve this, go jump. We are people and we should be treated with the same dignity and respect as any other group. Trans people came out off the closet this year, which is good; however, it also made us moving targets for bigots who use a thin veil of religious doctrine to justify their hatred.

Let me give you a taste of what you do to trans people. Remember when it was a crime to be a christian? Remember the Roman empire would feed someone to the lions for being a christian. Oh, that is different right? Trans men and women being assaulted just because you don’t like them for whatever reason? You don’t like who we are? Too bad, if you think that killing us or assaulting us will get us to go back into the closet, well, don’t hold your breath hos, it will never happen. We are here to stay so get over it and get used to us!

The trans people movement is the big civil rights movement of this generation. No matter how many of you hateful losers stab, shot or beat on us, you will never get us to go away. We are out and here, so deal with it. Stop hiding behind your book (the bible also says to love each other, so read that passage creep). Trans people are here to stay, we are not going to be bullied back into the dark. The only way is to go forward. So, leave us alone and let us live our lives. It is so simple, we let you live in peace, you let us live in peace. It is not a hard concept to grasp. This is why I fight for trans people’s rights. It is our time to shine and sparkle so stand back and watch trans people glow!

Link: http://www.advocate.com/transgender/2016/10/14/these-are-trans-people-killed-2016


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