Disgusting Meme used on Four Year-Old Girl and Hillary Clinton

Now a lot of people have mixed feelings about Hillary Clinton, I think a lot of people will find this disgusting. A four year old got to meet Mrs. Clinton last year in South Carolina, her mother was happy and all seemed fine. Until this year, the meme was popping up, especially after Hillary lost the election. The words used below the photo were less then flattering. Let me get an example of what was on this meme, from Yahoo News, “I AM FOR WOMEN’S RIGHTS!” Then halfway down, text covering the lower half of Sullivan’s body accused Clinton of accepting money and refugees from countries “that would mutilate this girl’s genitals, marry her to a Muslim pedophile, and stone her to death if she doesn’t wear a bedsheet.”

Was there any reason to do this? Now this young girl will be the butt of a lot of jokes for a long time. I really don’t like this and I hope the young girl doesn’t let people harass her. Stay strong, and to her mother; don’t feel like you failed her. It is not your fault society acts like a bunch of immature children who cannot act like adults. Grow up people, mocking a four year old’s huge achievement not only makes you look foolish, it says something deeper about what we think about women who try and reach for the stars and dream.


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