Stand With the Protesters of Black Rock

Being a trans woman, nothing makes me feel better than my fellow humans who will stand up for me. They have nothing to gain from it, my rights and well being do not benefit them. The reason they help is simple; their good morals and knowledge of how it is the right thing to do. My grandmother was half Cherokee, and I am her granddaughter, so I am 1/4 Cherokee. Yeah, I have a ball in this game. But, even if you don’t have anything in this, please, please stand with them.

It is for common decency. Native Americans have been oppressed so badly. Since the white English’s attempted genocide, Natives have been pushed out of the land more and they are given land for casinos to keep them quiet. Well, they are no longer happy just taking the white man’s money, they want respect and they are tired of being spit on by whites.

I am still in shock at how a lot whites try to act like what happened to the Natives did not happen. Lets post some links why don’t we? Read this link, it will open your eyes to what America has done to natives and why I don’t celebrate Christopher Columbus day. Even in the 1900s, we did some horrible things to Native Americans, from end genocide dot com, ‘In 1978, Congress passed the Indian Child Welfare Act which protects Native American children and the custody of their parents. Controversy has surrounded cases where state officials forcibly removed children from Native American families.’ In other words, until 1978, the US Government could take away children from their Native parents. How disgusting is that?

If this does not convince you to join our Native American brothers and sisters, then I don’t know what will. For centuries, Native Americans have been treated like crap, and it seems that we don’t do enough to speak up for what has happened to them. It is never too late to do the right thing though. Stand with them, fight with them and it will not undo what happened, but it can go a long way of healing some of the damage.


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