Look in the Mirror

The old Michael Jackson song Man in the Mirror, to me, is one of the greatest pop songs ever recorded. It had such a good message to it, and it had a haunting melody. I think about how people love to point the finger at other people, but they do not like pointing the finger at one individual, themselves.

Maybe we are afraid of what we will find. We love to think of ourselves as good and moral, not as ugly, hateful and mean. I wonder, how many people who hate blacks, Latinos, trans people, Asians, homosexuals, homeless people, and disabled people. I wonder if you ever took a look in the mirror. When you talk about what is wrong with society, try looking in the old mirror and looking at yourself. Being mean and cruel to others is not pretty and it does not make you a moral person, it makes you a cruel person using excuses to justify your ignorance and hatred.

When people think about what is good and moral, we love to think that we have it nailed down, that it is the other person who is causing society to crumble. Maybe some of that is true, but the next time you talk about who is ruining society, try looking in the mirror. Unless you are afraid you won’t like what you see. That is the scariest thing of all.

Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PivWY9wn5ps


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