The Transpeople Agenda

I keep getting this question from people who do not understand trans people. OK, first off, we actually want the name transwoman or transman not used when referring to us, just man or woman will be fine. The next one is important, all we want is to be treated like people. Instead of christian parents freaking out when they see their child go to the restroom with a transperson, they will look past that and see us for the beautiful people we are.

Third, we want the same rights that so many cis people take for granted. A lot of trans people have lost their job, I got an article from transequality dot org and it says that, ‘26% of trans people lost a job due to bias, 50% were harassed on the job, 20% were evicted or denied housing, and 78% of trans students were harassed or assaulted.’ This is no way for anyone to be treated.

In a lot of states, it is legal to fire someone if they find out there are transperson. It is legal to deny that individual healthcare, or not serve them. This is too much to deal with, I will give a list of states were it is legal (yes legal) to discriminate. It is time to stop this silliness and this idea of an agenda is only to put fear into people. All trans people want is to be treated like a person. That is all. Stand with us, we are your sisters, brothers, sons, daughters, mothers, fathers, uncles, aunts, cousins, friends, etc. End this and help us achieve the only thing we really want, equality.



2 thoughts on “The Transpeople Agenda

  1. I’m with you all the way on any issue of equality. Certainly trans people, along with everybody else, are citizens of their country, entitled to everything that implies. Ive personally had very little contact with trans persons and it’s not an issue that occupies much of my time. Until a few years back, my attitude was such that if I was asked what I thought about gay marriage, my response was, “I don’t”. It’s easy to be comfortable with something that’s never going to happen. Of course I’m comfortable with LGBTQI people – I don’t know any. Few years back, things happened to cause me to sit up and take some notice. I have a daughter of about 27 who has many friends in “the community” (my choice of phrase). One of her friends was a gay girl, in a relationship with another young woman. I met both of them several times. Couple of years after I first met them, I was at a gathering and I was re-introduced to the same person in her new persona as a man. Now for a 60 year old straight guy, that’s a bit of an eye-opener. It took no time at all to realize that this was the same person as always. It’s not up to me to determine how anybody should choose to express their sexuality ( if it is, indeed a choice). But it is up to me to stand up for the society I want my grandchildren to inherit. One where nobody is afraid to express their inner selves, whatever that may be. Besides, on a lighter note, every society needs it’s outsiders. Essential craziness I always called it. Keep things balanced. Some time back, my daughter (27, three kids ) told me she would not get married; no way; even although the offer was there. Why not?? Because her friends could not do the same. ” If you won’t let my mate into your party, then I’m not going either”. I had to think about that, but I certainly understand. Anyway, I’ve had my 20 cents worth. Ciao

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