To Hide or Not to Hide?

A lot of people give me different opinions about weather or not I should be myself in public or try to hide who I am. That is a good question and it does not bother me. Too many trans people are killed just for being themselves and it is scary to think how bad people hate on us. Some transpeople try to hide it, but it gives the impression that transpeople are not good enough to be themselves in public. This makes me mad. How come transpeople feel like they have to hide?

Humans value how they are born too much. Even gay men, a lot of them HATE transpeople, and it is very disturbing how bad they hate us. It is getting creepy how bad it is getting for transpeople. Transpeople being shot, killed, beaten and belittled all because trans people want to be the gender they were not assigned to by society and their biology. Big freaking whoop! When trans people transition, you cannot tell it. Why make a big deal over something that someone cannot control? We just want to be happy, and this is how. Does it effect you in any way? No, It is none of your freaking business! Let us be happy and you find ways to r life happy. Even calling us transwomen and men is degrading, do we call you biological men and women? No, so why not call us men and women as well? Simple as that.

Until humans learn how to love themselves and different people, then we will keep having the same problems. Trans people pose no threat to your children, no threat to your way of life or no threat to your culture. All we want is to be happy. Is that too much to ask? Some of you want to hurt us, but we have not done a thing to warrant that hate. All we want is to live and be happy. But for some people, that seems to much to ask. Don’t hide, be your fabulous self, if they have the problem, that is their problem, not yours.


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