Eminem: How He Failed to Change Music

This is not a blog to bash Eminem, I don’t like him, but I am being objectionable in this blog. Back in 2000, Eminem exploded on the music scene. He was brash, rude, colorful and bold. Eminem was supposed to be the new Elvis, changing society and music together. Sadly, one did not happen. The critics loved his music and fans bought his album by the millions! It launched a very successful career, like him or not. However, one thing Eminem failed to do was change music. He wanted to make hip hop less homophobic, (failed big time on that one), he wanted more controversial topics discussed, (No such luck, a lot of topics are still taboo in music) and he wanted more freedom for small songwriters, (ok he may have succeeded on that one).

I wish Eminem had changed music. Look at the stale, bland and boring music being churned out. Say what you want to about Eminem, he is not boring! Now, I think Eminem succeeded in changing culture. Look at the taboo topics we talk about. I think the problem is not him, but the music execs who have too much power. I also think the music exes don’t look at Eminem as a real threat, if he was a real threat, the music industry would have him wiped out. Who knows what it will take to change the music industry, if someone as hugely successful as Eminem cannot do it, then I feel sorry for you. Maybe the music industry should look at the lagging music sales and realize they need to change or lose more CD buyers. I will put links below. Well my lovelies, I hope you learned something today, it seems it is easier to society then music. No matter what I think of Eminem’s music, the fact is, I really wish he had succeeded.

Links: http://www.theverge.com/2016/1/22/10816404/2015-album-sales-trends-vinyl-catalog-streaming



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