Video Game Sexism

Video games are fun! They are cool! They put smiles on the faces of millions of boys and girls. They also have a sexism problem, you see, there are lots of games that have women with skimpy outfits on, (ok, that is ok, a lot men like that) true, but it is pretty silly to see a woman dressed in heels (I love my heels) a skimpy dress, jiggling her boobs when big action is going on. And a certain franchise (DOA) which screams sexualization of women.

This does not make games bad, no, but it does say a lot about the target audience and how we are raising our children. All the video game industry is doing is giving their audience what they want. Maybe we are too sexualized as a country. We place sex as too high of a priority, no wonder a lot of girls wear ultra sexy cloths and no wonder a lot of boys think about it a lot. I mean how many people can say they play GTA for the ‘Deep’ game play. Oye Maybe we need the parents to teach children that sex is apart of life and that it can be good, but let’s not obsess over it. After all, the entertainment industry is about giving the audience what they want, but what does it say about us?

I hope one day we can get past this and jut enjoy video games for game play. Ogling over polygons is a bit silly lol. She not real guys! Lulz. Anyhoo, maybe it is time we matured on sex itself, and then we can have women in video games be judged on their intellect or something and not just their looks. Hey, a gal can dream right?


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