Non Animal Tested Beauty Products

Don’t we all love animals? Animals are our furry little buddies who are loyal to the bitter end! Don’t they deserve the same? Shouldn’t we be loyal to them? Of course! So ladies, (and men who love to wear make up) we need to search out companies that don’t test on animals for their beauty products.
I am going to post a link my lovelies below to a site that shows the companies that do not do any testing on animals. Let’s face it, our puppy dogs or kitty cats would not let anyone do the same to us.
This list is from PETA, I know a lot of you hate PETA, but they did a good list of companies that do not test on animals.
Click on the link and you will find a good list of companies including Paul Mitchell, Bath and Bodyworks and Trader Joe’s. Let’s support these wonderful companies. Show them that we appreciate their dedication to our adorable fur pals! Now, go and give your adorable fur pals some kisses and snuggles with your non animal tested make up.

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