Feeling Good As a Woman

I think the most important thing to remember is to be happy. That is not so easy, but it can be done. Don’t let others tell you how to be happy, just be happy. It is good to be open and yourself. However, I think society has done a bad job of promoting women lifting each other up. A lot of women are horrible at trying to lift each other up. They don’t do what helps women, instead we have a culture of women throwing each other under the bus. The election is proof of that.

I have hope that all the terrific moms and dads raising their children will teach their girls to be strong, smart and stick together with their sisters. They will also teach their sons to be good to their sisters and help them as well. Since my outing, I have really stuck it out with my sisters. I am not gonna watch my girls go down, we have to stick together or we will crash together. If you think that white men who built patriarchy will let you women keep your power, stop living in lala land. Women need to help each other and if you have good men who want to help, then accept it and let them help you up too. Get rid of patriarchy and it helps women and men. Think about all the men who have been demonized and vilified just for standing up for women. It is sickening!

Anyhoo giggles, this is about feeling good as a woman. Well, do what makes you happy. If you want to rock some dresses, heels, and girly stuff, do it, but if a woman wants to wear pants, and shirts, don’t judge her. If a woman wants to dress more sexual, let her, she is not hurting you. If she wants to be more goth, or into so called guy things, then that is her freaking choice! In other words, be happy as a woman being you. When you start judging people, then you will become just like our oppressors. That is not making a woman feel good.

Clicking high heels and giggles my lovelies.


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