Audrey Hepburn VS Katharine Hepburn: Who is Better?

Yeah, I am doing it vintage babies. I am asking a question a lot of movie fans ask. Who is better, Audrey or Katherine Hepburn? I am posting the video below, please tell me who you think is better. Link to video:

Housewives (Women in General), Need to Lift Each Other Up.

Women in general, but one thing I notice is how people like to tear each other down. Well, I want to go the opposite. Let’s build each other up housewives. Heck all women. We are a sisterhood and we need to help one another. It won’t be easy, we will have to get rid of… Continue reading Housewives (Women in General), Need to Lift Each Other Up.

Save For Big Purchases

Here is a budgeting tip. We know sometimes we want to buy a nice dress or a nice phone, but it can be a bit pricey. It sounds obvious, but here is a tip for you. From every dollar dot com, ” Save for big purchases. Doesn’t it seem like our enjoyment of the Christmas… Continue reading Save For Big Purchases